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I'm a Los Angeles-based columnist.

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Los Angeles Times

Tim Rutten: Protecting an open society in an era of hate

Sixteen years ago, I was one of The Times writers assigned to cover the Oklahoma City bombing. It was one of those wrenching stories that stand out in a reportorial memory that now extends back more......

Los Angeles Times

AOL ? HuffPo. The loser? Journalism

Whatever the ultimate impact of AOL's $315-million acquisition of the Huffington Post on the new-media landscape, it's already clear that the merger will push more journalists more deeply into the......

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Los Angeles Times

Tim Rutten: National divisions keep deepening

One of American politics' most comforting nostrums is the notion that we always are united by far more than what divides us. It's a sentiment Barack Obama repeats frequently in his speeches, and......

Los Angeles Times

Tim Rutten: Religion's intrusion into U.S. politics is a worrisome trend

In the midst of a hotly contested presidential election a little more than half a century ago, John Kennedy went to Houston to give the most important speech of his campaign. No Catholic ever had......

Los Angeles Times

An era ends in silence

When John Edwards admitted Friday that he lied about his affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter, a former employee of his campaign, he may have ended his public life but he certainly ratified an end to......

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Los Angeles Times

Tim Rutten: Catholic Church scholars take on House Speaker John Boehner

At the nation's Roman Catholic universities, controversy over the choice of commencement speakers has become almost as regular an annual ritual as graduation itself. Two years ago, conservative......

Los Angeles Times

Tim Rutten: Is Pope John Paul II fit for sainthood?

On Sunday, an estimated 1.5 million people crowded into St. Peter's Square and surrounding streets to celebrate the beatification of Karol Wojtyla, who as Pope John Paul II reigned for more than a......

Los Angeles Times

Tim Rutten: Mark Halperin on MSNBC was just cable news being cable news

Taking in the starchy-prim controversy over MSNBC's indefinite suspension of commentator Mark Halperin for what the New York Times described Friday as "profane disparagement" of President Obama, the......

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Los Angeles Times

Tim Rutten: A religious 'test' for Mitt Romney

Things being what they are these days, and with Mitt Romney currently the front-runner in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, it's not too surprising that objections to the former......

Los Angeles Times

Glenn Beck's liberation theology obsession

At least Glenn Beck isn't among the nearly one in five Americans who believe President Obama is a Muslim. Nor, as far as he's yet admitted, is he among the majority of Republicans who actually told......

Los Angeles Times

Tim Rutten: San Francisco proposition on circumcision doesn't belong on the ballot

In November, the residents of San Francisco will not only cast their ballots on pressing state and local issues, they also will decide whether to approve a proposition banning the circumcision of......

Los Angeles Times

Tim Rutten on Roger Mahony: The cardinal and his church

Cardinal Roger Mahony journeyed to Rome recently, where Pope Benedict XVI formally accepted his resignation as archbishop of Los Angeles, bringing to a close the Hollywood-born prelate's......

Los Angeles Times

Tim Rutten: 'Geronimo' Pratt and Johnnie Cochran

Los Angeles is a city that lives in the present and looks to the future. Time passes here in a blur, and there's usually little appetite for weaving together the strands of memory into the stories......

Los Angeles Times

Prop. 8 and the facts on the ground

There are two kinds of cases that almost invariably end up before the U.S. Supreme Court — those that turn on fundamental questions of law and liberty, and those contested by implacably......

Los Angeles Times

Behind the right's attack on Obama

When members of the House voted Tuesday to rebuke South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson for the insult he shouted at President Obama during his address last week, they may have thought they were drawing a......